6 Gluten-Free Staples Your Pantry Shouldn’t Be Without

(Thank you to Heather for the inspiration for this post!)

Chocolate croissants, crusty French bread, and fried dough.  Three of the things I miss most about gluten.

What I don’t miss are the aches, brain fog and the (eh-hem) unfortunate bathroom events that go along with it!

I’ve been gluten-free for about ten years now, along with two of my three siblings and my mum.  Back when I started, it was the dark ages of gluten-free America.  GF food was either as hard as bricks and tasteless, or so full of fat and sugar to compensate for the difference in “mouth feel” that you actually got less healthy eating that way, not more healthy.

Things have changed though and, truly, apart from the three items listed above, I’m ok with being GF.  I have to admit that I’m not really one to blend eight different flours to bake the perfect batch of cookies.  I do have a favorite flour replacement (which I’ll list below), but basically, I do what I can with just the a few favorites and whole foods. There are a whole host of “go-to” snacks that I love, but I’ll talk about those in another post.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top six gluten-free must-haves! Continue reading “6 Gluten-Free Staples Your Pantry Shouldn’t Be Without”

My Journey – living with autoimmune disease

Here’s the thing. My body is not working properly. I’ve got a high ANA (anti-nuclear antibody – these are the ones that your body makes when it attacks itself) count, which means I have autoimmune issues. I’ve been diagnosed with Reynaud’s disease (really bad circulation) and, after 10 years of other testing, with lymphocytic colitis, which means I don’t always digest my food properly. And I’m pretty sure there are other things as well. Over the years, I’ve had a host of symptoms. Fatigue, achy joints, migraines, persistent diarrhea, brain fog, etc etc. A lot of which no doctor has ever been able to be fully confident in diagnosing definitively.

But here’s the other thing – I’m very, very lucky. Continue reading “My Journey – living with autoimmune disease”

Implementation – Why Learning About Wellness Isn’t Enough! (but what might just help)

Nobody needs another course about wellness. If you’re anything like me, you’ve read books, scoured blogs, signed up for “5-day fix-it” courses and ended up more confused than when you started. Information is not the problem. There is more than enough free information on the internet to fill a library of self-help books and then some. On top of that, most of us already know a slew of different paths we could take to get to where we want to be. I know – I’ve tried a lot of them!

We have hundreds, if not thousands of paths to chose from to get us to where we want to be. And that, in and of itself, can be enough to make anyone say “Forget it!” and reach for the Oreos, or the remote control, or whatever. Let’s talk about the path though, whichever one you chose. Continue reading “Implementation – Why Learning About Wellness Isn’t Enough! (but what might just help)”

The Big Three – my big, big plans for 2017

Ok – so here are the big three. (I don’t know if any of you watch “This is Us” but I definitely feel like I should thump my chest after saying Big Three.) These are my do-or-die, must-happen-this-year, plans. I say plans, not goals, because to me plans are much more tangible. They take dedication and time and something more than just thinking about the goal. When I think about my goals, I get caught up in my vision of how great the end will be and focus much less on the process. Which is how you get there, right?

So, yeah. Big Three. Continue reading “The Big Three – my big, big plans for 2017”

And so it begins!

It feels a little counterintuitive to be starting a blog about wellness on the day that I get up early (after not enough sleep – lots of wrapping last night), grab a cup of coffee (which I’ve been trying to avoid), and start baking – with butter and sugar and gluten and all kinds of other yummy things.

Yet, I suppose that’s really what this should be all about. Life is full of opportunities for excess. Whether or not I’m mindful of how I react to it is the real story. How I’m mindful. How I react to myself when I’m not. My in-laws are coming over today for our annual pre-Christmas celebration and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I’m looking forward to making our home cozy and inviting and I love cooking for both myself and others.

And so I, as usual, will not eat the buttery gluten-y things I make for my family. But I will make myself some light gluten-free biscuits. I had a cup of coffee – for medicinal purposes really – but I will also have a warm cup of broth while I cook. I’m getting a lot of steps in while I cook, and I will also try to get on my mat for at least a few minutes before I shower and get ready.

And I’ll savor every sip of the wine that I plan on drinking later!